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Gladys Katingor, Head Midwife at the Wellbody Clinic in Kono, Sierra Leone

What's Possible?

PIH started work at Wellbody Clinic in Sierra Leone in 2014. At that time the clinic was just one building. It now has six buildings and round-the-clock electricity and water—lifesaving essentials that are still rare for health facilities across Sierra Leone.

PIH also built a maternal waiting home to serve women who live far away and struggle to reach health facilities in time for a safe, attended birth.

This progress serves as an example for the kind of high quality maternal care that all women deserve.

How Gladys is leading change in a community often overlooked

As soon as I arrive at the clinic in the morning, there is a whirlwind of activity. There are so many people: uniformed midwives, women with new born babies strapped to their backs, heavily pregnant women. I try to speak to everyone in a gentle and encouraging tone. This is how I start most of my days as the head midwife at the Wellbody Clinic in Kono, Sierra Leone.

My name is Boyama Gladys Katingor, but my friends call me Gladys. I joined Wellbody, a Partners In Health (PIH) clinic, in 2014. Since then I’ve made it my mission to call attention to the dangers women face during pregnancy and childbirth.

We see many girls under 18 years old. The girls are very shy when they come to Wellbody Clinic and often feel like they’ve committed a crime. I bring them closer to me, like a mother, and ask them how they are feeling. It’s a good thing that they have come to the clinic. We have electricity and water, rare in homes and even health facilities across Sierra Leone. Many women who live far away can stay in our new waiting home for a month before labour, eat three good meals a day and rest. I wish more young women were able to come.

Last year, I called together representatives from villages all over Kono to discuss why our women were dying.

They said women were giving birth in their homes, sometimes alone, simply because they didn’t have a way to get to the hospital. If a woman experienced a complication, she died.

At the Wellbody Clinic, if a pregnancy is considered high-risk, we drive the patient to Koidu Government Hospital in an ambulance. That’s unheard of in Sierra Leone.

I am happy I get to care for a community that is so often overlooked, one where so many powerful and capable women are yet to realize their full potential.

- As told by Gladys Katingor


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