Everyone should have access to quality health care. Together, we can make it happen.

We strive to create a future in which every single person's right to quality health care is guaranteed.

PIH supports 222 health facilities around the world

with what they need to improve and expand health care. Last year alone we provided:
1 million
outpatient visits

more than

40 ,000
safe deliveries
daily treatment to
10 ,300
people living with HIV

In Haiti, one in five children are so malnourished they face physical and cognitive stunting.

In Haiti, PIH-supported facilities and mobile clinics make use of Nourimanba, a peanut-based, ready-to-use therapeutic food specifically designed to treat child malnutrition.

Nourimanba is produced by PIH in a state-of-the-art facility in central Haiti that employs more than 50 people and turns the crops of local peanut farmers into 120 metric tons of lifesaving Nourimanba each year. Jobs at the factory stimulate the local economy, and Kendy is provided with a steady supply of nutrient-rich food and follow-up support from community health workers that can break the cycle of poverty and disease.

Your refusal to accept the injustice of child malnutrition allows us to ensure Kendy grows up strong and healthy.

In Malawi, the lifetime risk of a woman dying in pregnancy or childbirth is 1 in 60.

In Canada, it’s 1 in 6,100.

Women die in childbirth because of delays in seeking care, reaching care, and receiving care. Because PIH works at all levels of the health system, from communities to health centers to hospitals, we address all three challenges.

That means well-trained and compensated doctors and nursing staff and community health workers, safe and well-equipped surgical suites for C-sections, emergency transportation, blood banks, and so much more. Ensuring they’re all in place for a mother like Mary is a matter of social justice.

Mary is alive because all these things were available when she needed them. Her story of survival, made real thanks to your partnership, leaves no doubt that injustice has a cure.

Shop for gifts that save lives.

One new baby kit

Provide a new baby kit, packed with the essentials that every new mom needs—no matter where she lives.

  • These new baby kits contain blankets, contraception, thermometers, sanitary pads, and more.
  • They make motherhood safer for moms all over the world.
  • Your gift of $17 supplies one kit, helping a new mom keep her baby—and herself!—healthy and strong.

One month of malnutrition care

Provide a malnourished child in Haiti with the nutritious, caloric treatment needed to survive.

  • In Haiti, starvation takes an especially cruel toll, leaving 1 in 5 children malnourished. The results are devastating: stunting, cognitive disabilities, even death.
  • Your $180 gift helps provide a child with daily doses of Nourimanba, a peanut-based and vitamin- and mineral-enriched supplement that can reverse malnutrition.

One women’s health visit

Help us deliver the high-quality primary health services every person deserves.

  • A PIH women’s health visit can provides patients with cancer screenings, HIV tests, vaccines, check-ups, and more.
  • Your gift of $28 provides a vulnerable woman one appointment at no cost to her.

One safe childbirth

Provide a safe, clinic-based delivery in one of the world’s poorest communities.

  • A safe, facility-based birth, with a skilled clinician to manage emergencies, saves mothers’ lives.
  • Your gift of $660 ensures our staff and facilities can be ready for any eventuality.
Source: The World Bank; Lifetime risk of maternal death (1 in: rate varies by country), 2019.

Give today and show the world that injustice has a cure

In every community we serve, we’re fighting to build a more just and equitable world. We’re driven by our unrelenting belief that every person, no matter who they are or where they’re from, deserves a fighting chance at life.

That no child anywhere should starve to death when there’s enough food to feed everyone on this planet. That no woman anywhere should bleed to death giving birth when modern medicine knows how to stop it. That no person anywhere should die from preventable disease when treatments are available.

Your gift ensures that none of this has to happen.

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Injustice has a cure

Join us in fighting social injustice by bringing modern medical science to the most vulnerable communities around the world.