Your donation provides health care to people in dire circumstances and has a direct impact on their lives.

Everyone deserves health care, full stop. Whether facing cholera, malaria, tuberculosis or malnutrition; whether they need immediate surgery or ongoing monitoring during a difficult pregnancy; whether they have a steady job or are in dire economic need, patients who seek care at Partners In Health-supported facilities receive the best care we know how to deliver. Last year PIH brought primary care to over 4 million people. For each of these patients, your support is truly a gift. Make your year-end gift today.

Your donation supports long-term change.

Our approach is founded on our partnership with local governments and our joint commitment to building sustainable health systems for the poorest and most marginalized communities. Such work is long term, complicated, and hard to quantify, but is absolutely essential to long-term, community-driven change. Haiti was our first, and most enduring, example. The lessons we have learned there, and continue to learn, inform the progress we’ve made in other countries around the world.

Take Lesotho as an example. A decade after being invited by the Ministry of Health to help reform the nation’s health system, we have had measurable success in disseminating our work to about 40 percent of the country. We are now in the midst of scaling up our work to reform health care to the remainder of the country’s population. This will be a breathtaking and total country reform, one that moves Lesotho ever closer to the ultimate goal of universal health coverage. Its impact will last for generations.

You’ll be supporting a moral mission, in a medical context.

For three decades, we’ve battled the forces that keep good health out of reach for billions of people. The antiquated idea that infectious diseases, such as HIV and tuberculosis, can’t be treated in poor countries has killed countless people. Colonialism and war—such as genocide in Rwanda and civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia—have stymied countries’ efforts to develop functioning, comprehensive health systems. Meanwhile, a lack of infrastructure and intense poverty make it impossible for families to reach and pay for treatment at clinics and hospitals, if such care is even available. That’s why Partners In Health is a social justice organization as much as we’re a health organization. Providing electricity and running water and medications in hospitals and clinics that desperately need them isn’t just about improving health; it’s also a moral imperative.

Your donation builds and sustains local expertise.

Staff, stuff, space, and systems—these are the ingredients to strengthen a health care system. We focus on the human resources of health by empowering staff not only with supplies and functional facilities, but also with opportunities to grow in their professions. As such, just as our community health workers accompany patients to doctor’s visits and through difficult treatments, PIH accompanies clinicians, ministries of health, and global decision-makers in their efforts to grow national health care workforces. Eighty percent of graduates from our medical residency programs in Haiti have chosen to continue their work in rural areas of Haiti, serving the most vulnerable. Through mentorship and education at all levels, we are helping to train a new generation of local health care professionals committed to social medicine and social justice.

Your donation builds a world where there are no more ‘stupid deaths’.

Deaths from childbirth or pregnancy complications, treatable diseases and medical emergencies are unacceptable. These are what we call “stupid deaths” – deaths that are preventable. When you donate to Partners In Health Canada, you help us bring the benefits of modern medical science to people who need it most, right now. You prevent stupid deaths today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Make your year-end gift today.

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