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Cecile Johnson holds her daughter Sheba,

One safe childbirth

  • A safe, facility-based birth, with a skilled clinician to manage emergencies, saves mothers’ lives.
  • Your gift of $660 ensures our staff and facilities can be ready for any eventuality.
View from inside the PIH vehicle as it drives back to KGH after the community outreach presentation

One remote community mobile clinic

  • Mobile clinics allow our teams to travel to the most remote communities we serve to provide health care that saves lives.
  • Your $210 gift provides the staff, stuff, and support we need for this vital outreach.
A young child at a MAM event in Kono, Sierra Leone

One month of malnutrition care

  • In Haiti, starvation takes an especially cruel toll, leaving 1 in 5 children malnourished. The results are devastating: stunting, cognitive disabilities, even death.
  • Your $180 gift helps provide a child with daily doses of Nourimanba, a peanut-based and vitamin- and mineral-enriched supplement that can reverse malnutrition.

Ten community health worker kits

  • Globally, 11,000 PIH community health workers go door to door to deliver care to our most vulnerable patients.
  • This vital team knows our patients as their friends and neighbors.
  • Your $132 gift provides our colleagues with 10 kits that include crucial tools like thermometers, malaria tests, and medications.

One women's health visit

  • A PIH women’s health visit can provides patients with cancer screenings, HIV tests, vaccines, check-ups, and more.
  • Your gift of $28 provides a vulnerable woman one appointment at no cost to her.
Triplets Sarah, Caleb, and Isaiah

One new baby kit

  • These new baby kits contain blankets, contraception, thermometers, sanitary pads, and more.
  • They make motherhood safer for moms all over the world.
  • Your gift of $17 supplies one kit, helping a new mom keep her baby—and herself!—healthy and strong.
All gifts will be used where the need is greatest.