COVID-19 RESPONSE: Please help us act quickly to enable safe testing, provide high quality care, perform critical contact tracing, and support our public sector government partners in a time of urgent need.

We have been here before.

From our experience with cholera, Ebola, HIV and tuberculosis, we know that COVID-19 will disproportionately affect the most vulnerable—the very patients that Partners In Health serves. We also know that facility and community-based solutions can minimize the death toll of epidemics and help to contain the spread of disease.

LIMA, PERU - DEC 26, 2017: PIH's Dr. Epifanio Sánchez tends to an XDR-TB patient in Carabayllo.
PERU - MARCH 16, 2020: Thirty nurses and nursing technicians with Socios En Salud (as PIH is known in Peru) are currently supporting Peru's Ministry of Health in screening people who arrive in Peru at Jorge Chavez International Airport for coronavirus.⁠ Socios En Salud nurses pictured: Jessica Camus, Pacsy Rodríguez, and Elizabet Vargas⁠⁠.

We know how to respond.

The best response is through a strong health system—one that has the necessary staff, stuff, space, systems and social support in place to be able to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat disease.

Community health workers (CHWs), who make up the majority of PIH’s staff world-wide, are strategically placed to educate the population about a new disease, perform active case finding, accompany those who are ill to health facilities, and support those who are not ill but need to remain isolated at home through targeted social support.

This fight will be long, but PIH has a plan.

PIH is mobilizing to support some of the most at-risk people around the world to:

  • contain and control the spread of the virus,
  • ensure that patients are provided with dignified care, and
  • demonstrate to the world what aggressive action in vulnerable settings can achieve.
Read the detailed report of the four-pronged strategy to save lives in the vulnerable communities we serve, and support global efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Read more about our response.

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