On the Frontlines of Malawi’s Food Crisis

Silvester Dambe said that when he first began visiting Keredonia Wilfred, she was so weak that she declined medicine for her HIV, thinking her recent diagnosis meant she had no chance of living. The senior community health worker gradually convinced her to stay on antiretroviral therapy, though, telling her that

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Rice Farming Program Combating Malnutrition in Rwanda

The hardest part about growing rice in a lush river valley in southeastern Rwanda, a dedicated group of farmers says, is “keeping the beds”—in other words, frequently yelling and waving to scare away flocks of hungry birds that descend on the paddies. Farmers’ piercing calls create a steady background noise

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A mother stands with her child on her back at a MAM event in Sierra Leone

Stopping Severe Malnutrition in Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, where extreme poverty means nearly half of families don’t have enough food on a daily basis, children are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition. The consequences of this lack of nutrition are staggering, and long-term. Nearly 40 percent of kids in Sierra Leone have suffered stunting, or impaired growth

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A PIH staff member measures the mid-upper arm circumference of 3-year-old child

Need to Know: MUAC and Malnutrition

Spend a day at any Partners In Health site and there’s a good chance you’ll hear a phrase you’re unfamiliar with. Perhaps it’s a clunky acronym or polysyllabic drug name. But don’t worry: Keeping up with the ever-evolving world of global health is hard, even for insiders. In Need to

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Quadruplets Born at University Hospital Amidst Haiti Unrest

Madeleine* and her husband, Stevenson, knew their family life was about to drastically change. They had seven children at home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and found out through an ultrasound that they were expecting triplets. Like any woman in late pregnancy, Madeleine was feeling off balance, as her abdomen swelled and

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PIH a “Safety Net” in Haiti During Weeks of Unrest

By Dr. Sheila DavisChief Executive OfficerPartners In Health PIH CEO Dr. Sheila Davis spoke recently with leaders at Zanmi Lasante, as PIH is known in Haiti, and provides the latest information about the past six weeks of unrest across the country. I’m reaching out to share with you an update

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