Research: Health Systems, Like Patients, Can Suffer From Misdiagnosis

As HIV care advanced following the introduction of antiretrovirals, clinicians observed a curious phenomenon: Some patients’ health unexpectedly got worse, rather than better, shortly after they began treatment. It seemed that HIV treatment awakened patients’ immune systems, allowing them to fight ailments that previously had lain dormant, or unchallenged, because

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Opinion: Canada must drive global action on universal health coverage

By Mark Brender, National Director, Partners In Health Canada, and Onome Ako, Executive Director, Amref Health Africa in Canada Canadian advocates for universal health coverage in the 1960s underpinned their fight with rights-based arguments. Former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas, voted the greatest Canadian in a 2004 CBC poll, insisted that health

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UGHE Welcomes Inaugural, Majority-Female Medical Class

Delphine Mizero doesn’t want to become a doctor because of money, she writes in a booklet introducing the University of Global Health Equity’s inaugural medical class. She wants to become a doctor “because of the incredible work” that saved her life, when she had only just arrived in the world.

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Q&A: SE Liberia’s Only Surgeon Describes Lifesaving Role(s)

Dr. Gerald Ekwen is not only the sole general surgeon at Partners In Health-supported J.J. Dossen Hospital in Harper, Liberia. He’s also the only surgeon in all of southeastern Liberia, where in Maryland County alone, PIH serves a population of about 170,000. People also come to J.J. Dossen from neighbouring

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Research: Haiti Training Program Propels Vital Emergency Care

Haiti’s growing network of emergency doctors has its roots in an innovative program that pioneered emergency medical training in the Caribbean nation, paved the way for Haiti’s ongoing expansion of lifesaving critical care, and created a model for filling a severe gap in care found in developing countries around the

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A traditional birth attendant at Wellbody Clinic in Kono, checks on a pregnant patient

Merging Local Birth Practice, Modern Medicine in Sierra Leone

Leaning over the pregnant patient before her, Regina Korgbendeh touched the woman’s looming stomach and spoke softly in Kono, a dialect common in eastern Sierra Leone: “Thank you for this child.” Blessing an unborn baby is a custom strictly followed in communities throughout Kono District. Once the prayer was complete,

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