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Care Must Be Key to Defeating Coronavirus Globally

Dr. Sheila Davis, chief executive officer of Partners In Health, has been monitoring news of the novel coronavirus and its spread around the world, while planning for a swift and appropriate clinical response to the disease (COVID-19) across the 11 countries in which PIH works. She shares this update with

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A groundbreaking global gift for women and girls

PIH Canada is thrilled to be one of 15 international NGOs sharing a ground-breaking $15-million gift from the Slaight Family Foundation to advance the health and human rights of women and girls worldwide. Through the Slaight Family Foundation’s support, PIH will be strengthening and expanding activities in Sierra Leone and

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More Than a Friendly Neighbour

On a 100-degree day in October—the peak of dry season in Neno District, Malawi—Eliza Kazembe sat in the shade alongside her family’s home and said it felt like she’d been pregnant forever. “She’s akuyembekezera kuchira,” Anga Sawasawa said, explaining that the Chichewa phrase translates to “waiting for delivery.” Kazembe, 17,

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Dr. Cyprien Shyirambere, oncology program director for Partners In Health in Rwanda

Rwanda Oncology Doctor: Global Community Must “Reduce the Disparities in Cancer Care”

Dr. Cyprien Shyirambere is the oncology program director for Inshuti Mu Buzima, as Partners In Health is known in Rwanda. He leads the bustling, vital Cancer Center of Excellence at PIH-supported Butaro District Hospital in the country’s mountainous north. Many patients, family members, and caregivers travel to Butaro from across Rwanda or from surrounding countries such as Burundi

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UGHE Dean: Medical Education in Rwanda Part of “Bold Step” Needed to Curb Africa’s Cancer Crisis

There are nearly 1 million new cancer cases and more than 500,000 cancer-related deaths in Africa per year, and these totals are projected to double by 2040. Training the next generation of health leaders to counter this rise is of critical importance. Increasingly, we see a need for cancer education that explores both the prevention measures and social determinants of

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Training Liberia’s Next Generation of Doctors and Nurses

When Dr. Tebo Buduo, a young Liberian physician from Monrovia, heard he’d be doing his medical internship in remote southeastern Liberia, he felt some apprehension. Maryland County is some 250 miles from the Liberian capital—a journey that can easily take two days in the rainy season, when dense, orange mud

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