Meet Mariama Yusufu

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My name is Mariama Yusufu, I live in Teidu, Kono District, Sierra Leone. I am 45 years old and a patient of Partners In Health.

When I was sick, I was unable to pay my rent due to my sickness and was asked to leave my house by my landlord. I was unable to raise money due to my sickness, and at that point I had been abandoned by my husband. I begged my landlord to let me stay, but he did not accept and I was forced to leave.

One of my sisters allowed my children and me to stay with her, and she advised that I should go to Dorma Clinic for a medical checkup. Based on her advice, I went straight away and I was seen by one of the clinicians who sent me to the lab for different tests.

After the results, the doctor said that I am HIV-positive. He gave me some medicines and instructions for taking it. After going home, I became very discouraged, wondering how I would be able to take the medications without having enough food to eat and a place to live with my children, because my sister’s rent was due and she had no money left.

After some time, I went again for follow up appointment at Dorma Clinic. As soon as the doctor saw my condition he knew that I was not following his instructions. He asked me why I was not taking the drugs he gave me. I explained to him all the problems that I was facing at home, and he continued to counsel me, reminding me how important it is to take my medication so that I can improve.

Two days later, a man came to our house and asked me some questions and also did some observations. He told me that he was a community health worker from Partners In Health.

The next day the same man and another woman came back to give me some money, saying that it was from the acute needs program and was meant to assist me in my recovery. I was very happy because I could use this money to pay rent for my sister and kids, and the remaining money for food which helped me to take my medication.

Thanks to Partners In Health for coming to my aid when I was in need.

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It is for our patients, like Mariama, that we are trying to raise $10,000 this month, to help others living in extreme poverty access care with additional support.

We are less than $1,000 away from our goal. You can have a direct impact on the life of someone in need. Please donate before May 31st.