we can do this

Whether it’s responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, tackling the injustices of maternal mortality or malnutrition, or treating chronic disease, investments in strong health systems for the most vulnerable are critical to ensure health for all. At PIH, we can do this.

Hear from PIH leaders on what we can accomplish together, and make your year-end gift to support this lifesaving work.

“We can build well informed and healthier communities by addressing systemic structural barriers to sexual and reproductive health service utilization,  challenging deep-rooted cultural norms and providing sexual and reproductive health information to the community and health providers to help decrease stigmatization of sexual activity in young people and encourage early access to high quality care.”

– Basimenye Nhlema, Director of Community Programs for Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo, as PIH is known in Malawi

“We can keep our clinics open and make sure that COVID doesn’t distract us from delivering healthcare to the most vulnerable. Quality healthcare goes so far beyond COVID prevention, encompassing safe deliveries for our mothers, community-based support, and treatment options for TB and HIV, just to name a few. As the second wave keeps striking, it’s imperative our clinics continue to deliver holistic, dignified care that addresses the diverse health needs of our patients.”

– Dr. Maxo Luma, Executive Director, PIH Liberia

“Together we can train nurses in Sierra Leone and around the world to ensure that nurses are respected for their expertise and leadership.”

– Vicky Reed, Director of Nursing for PIH Sierra Leone

“We can show that cancer care is not an expensive luxury, but rather a right. In a context where a cancer diagnosis is a synonym of a death sentence, our comprehensive services with chemotherapy and psychosocial support bring hope and cure.”

– Dr. Joel Mubiligi, Executive Director, PIH Rwanda

“Together we can continue to provide improved maternal care in Sierra Leone, and to provide a safe place for women to have their babies, and for them to be in control of their future.”

– Nurse midwife Isata Dumbuya, Head of Reproductive, Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health, PIH Sierra Leone

Informed by compassion and expert mercy

Help build strong health systems in partnership with marginalized communities to stop the advance of COVID-19 and provide health care for all.