Mabel lives in Sierra Leone, where 1 in 17 women has a lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth–the highest maternal mortality rate in the world.

During a pregnancy check-up, Mabel discovered she was HIV-positive and felt as if she’d just been delivered a death sentence.

With the support of Partners In Health, Mabel started on antiretroviral treatment, gave birth safely, and later learned that she had prevented passing the HIV virus along to her children. Today, she’s a community health worker, helping others access the kind of health care that changed her life.

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PIH's Global Impact

With your support, Partners In Health delivers health care to the world’s poorest places, partnering with local governments to bring about global change. Last year, the PIH global network provided:

Graphic of a health centre
Daily treatment to 35,300 people living with HIV.
Womens health, graphic of a female doctor
1 million women’s health checkups around the world.
Graphic depicting connection between community health workers
Over 800,000 home visits conducted by community health workers.

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Your gift has the power to save lives.

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