Students for PIH Canada (SPHIC)

If you’re a Canadian student or educator with a passion for global health equity, you’ve come to the right place. Student engagement is invaluable to the work of Partners In Health Canada. Chapters at schools across Canada are working to raise awareness about PIH and global health equity while fundraising to support PIH clinical programs around the world.

These student leaders are learning about global health and social justice while finding innovative ways to engage their schools and communities in the global right to health movement.

Interested in learning more, getting in contact with your local chapter or finding out how you can start a new one? Get in touch with us to learn how you can get involved in the student movement fighting for the right to health for all.

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Host a Bending the Arc Screening

The critically acclaimed documentary Bending the Arc tells the story of three young idealists – Partners In Health co-founders Ophelia Dahl, Paul Farmer, and Jim Kim - who together with colleagues from around the world, started a global health revolution based on justice, equity and love. The films follows Partners In Health from Haiti in the 1980s to fighting Ebola in West Africa in 2014.

Host a film screening of this incredible documentary with your workplace or community.

Get in touch with Mario James, mjames@pih.org, to plan your event.

Injustice Has a Cure

Partners In Health fights every day against the injustice of poverty and illness. Join us in making real and lasting differences in the lives of our patients by providing the high quality care that all people deserve.

Give today - and know your support is saving lives and transforming communities.

Join Paul's Partners

As a Paul's Partners monthly donor, you will turn solidarity into tangible reality for those we serve. Your recurring donation will mobilize resources to deliver quality health care, clean water, improve housing and education. Start your monthly donation today.

Donations made though Paul's Partners helps provide relief where the need is greatest.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Gift

A planned gift is a legacy that lasts - a chance to bring hope to generations of patients in need. These crucial gifts come in many forms, including donations through your will or retirement account. And getting started is easier than you think.

Start today by telling us a bit more about yourself - and your interest in PIH - in this quick five-question survey.

Make a Gift in Tribute

A donation to PIH Canada in the name or memory of someone special is a powerful tribute to their impact or legacy.

These gifts provide a unique way to make a meaningful contribution while honouring a special individual.

Send a Donation by Mail

To donate by cheque, please make cheques payable to “Partners In Health Canada” and mail to: Partners In Health Canada
890 Yonge Street, Suite 603 Toronto, ON M4W 3P4

Or email at pihcanada@pih.org us if you have any questions

Gift of Securities

A gift of publicly traded securities is one of the most tax-efficient means of making a donation to Partners In Health Canada and can result in considerable tax savings compared to a cash gift. Please consult with your accountant or financial planner for advice on your situation.

Celebrate Together with ECHOage

Partners In Health Canada has partnered with ECHOage, a birthday party website that makes it easy - and fun - to give! Select your gift and encourage donations to the charity of your choice. Birthdays are the perfect occasion to give to others; your generous contributions to PIH Canada will have a lasting impact.