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Currently, Partners In Health collaborates with national governments in 11 countries, across four continents, to ensure quality health care is available in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Our work focuses on strengthening public health systems to ensure patients receive the care they need—and deserve—in their homes, neighborhood clinics, and regional hospitals.

11 countries served
18,000 staff employed globally
99% staff from countries served


Zanmi Lasante, a sister organization to PIH, has worked alongside the Haitian Ministry of Health for three decades to provide health care in two of the country’s most underprivileged and remote regions.  


In Kazakhstan, PIH is redefining tuberculosis care and fighting the world’s deadliest infectious disease through technical assistance, patient accompaniment, and access to new TB drugs.


Known locally as Bo-mphato Litsebeletsong Tsa Bophelo, PIH works to strengthen health systems, combat high rates of HIV and TB, improve maternal and child health, and reshape care delivery.


PIH came to Liberia to fight Ebola at the government’s request, but stayed to help strengthen the public health system and improve access to care alongside the Ministry of Health.


Partners In Health has worked since 2007 in the rural, southern district of Neno, Malawi, to provide comprehensive, integrated care for more than 140,000 people.


Known locally as Compañeros En Salud, PIH is training the next generation of clinicians and improving access to health care in rural Chiapas—one of Mexico’s most marginalized states.

Navajo Nation

PIH is a proud partner of Community Outreach and Patient Empowerment (COPE), which works with local partners to address health disparities faced by American Indian populations.


Known locally as Socios En Salud, PIH is fighting diseases and improving health care access in some of Peru’s most vulnerable communities.


Known locally as Inshuti Mu Buzima, PIH has worked in Rwanda since 2005, helping the government bring high-quality health care to more than 860,000 people across three districts.

Sierra Leone

In the wake of Ebola, and amidst some of the world’s worst health outcomes, PIH is investing in health systems across Sierra Leone, transforming health care and radically reducing maternal mortality.