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Students for Partners In Health (SPIHC) is a student-led movement for global health equity. Supported by both the Partners In Health Canada (PIHC) office and the network as a whole, student chapter and work towards a number of goals over the course of a school year, typically relating to fundraising, awareness and education campaigns. Every summer, chapter representatives will be attending the SPIHC Conference, an intensive weekend dedicated to the work of Partners In Health and student mobilization, goal-setting, and leadership.  

Active Chapters

To connect to your school’s chapter and get involved, please reach out to studentsforpihcanada@gmail.com  

Support An Active Chapter

This year, SPIHC fundraising activities support the Maternal Center of Excellence in Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, one in 20 mothers are at risk of dying prematurely from a maternal cause over their lifetime—one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Ten percent of children will also die before their fifth birthday in Sierra Leone—among the highest in the world. The MCOE will provide high-quality care to women and families who need it most, build local health capacity for sustained impact, and create a blueprint for scaling proven interventions in women’s health around the world.

"Every time that we have turned our attention to an intractable problem, it has proven to be quite tractable." - Dr. Paul Farmer

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