No Woman Should Die Giving Birth.

Maternal deaths per 100,000
live births
# of medical doctors, nurses, and midwives per 10,000 people
1 in 20 women in Sierra Leone has a lifetime risk of death related to pregnancy or childbirth

Together, we can cure this injustice.

With the Ministry of Health, PIH began improving the maternal care available at Koidu Government Hospital. The facility now has:

  • 24-hour electricity to support C-sections

  • a blood bank to respond to post-partum hemorrhages

  • a fully stocked pharmacy in labour and delivery

  • trainings for clinicians to improve their skills and provide better care to patients

With the support of John and Hank Green and their incredible community, PIH continues to expand this transformative work.

    The Maternal Center of Excellence

    A bold solution to radically reduce maternal mortality in Sierra Leone

      The new center, which broke ground in April 2021, will provide advanced maternal and child health services in Kono District and beyond. It will serve as a hub for global innovation in maternal health to be replicated in Sierra Leone and around the world. 

        Above: Patients await maternal health appointments outside PIH-supported Wellbody Clinic. (Photo by Emma Minor / Partners In Health)