Voices of Haiti

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What was it like to survive the most devastating earthquake in modern history?

In this series, Partners In Health doctors, nurses, and staff—all Haitians—share stories about their most salient memories from the January 2010 earthquake. Some discuss the first moments and days after the disaster, while others reflect on the months and years that followed.

Dr. Philippe Dimitri Henrys’ story: “I Knew I Had to Move Forward”
Dr. Maxo Luma: “It Is a Very Strong Nation”
Loune Viaud: “Now, We Have a Family”
Dr. Philippe Dimitri Henrys: “Hey Doc Dimitri”
Dr. Patrick Ulysse (Part 1): “Life changed. Everything changed.”
Dr. Patrick Ulysse (Part 2): “What is the Meaning of Life?”
Bonus Episode: “What Do You Really Know About Haiti?”
Dr. Anany Gretchko: “They Have Your Back”
Miss Eunite Sincelair: “Nou pa enferyè”
Dr. Maxi Raymonville: “You Need Some Relief”
Dr. Christophe Millien: “I Don’t Know if They’re Alive”

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