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The PIHC working Group is a dynamic and high action-impact orientated group that works to raise awareness of PIH Canada and the current challenges and opportunities present in the global health landscape. Comprised of three subgroups – Education, Engagement, and Fundraising – members include students and professionals who are passionate about social justice and global health issues. This group is self-led and works toward a series of defined objectives throughout the year. While the Engagement and Fundraising subgroups are still in their infancy, the Education subgroup launched in late 2015. Members work together to complete tasks that are academic in nature, including submitting articles to various journals and writing global health themed blog entries … like the one below!

Welcome to the PIHC Education subgroup!

By: Raksha Sule, MSc Global Health candidate, McMaster University


Photo by Diane Walton at 2015 PIHC: Spotlight on Global Health, where the PIHC: Education subgroup got its start

A new year brings a new taskforce: the PIH Canada Working Group – Education Subcommittee (PIHC WG-ES)!

We’re an interdisciplinary and eclectic group – ranging from undergraduate and graduate students to young professionals such as health analysts – who have come together to explore high action-impact ideas and promote the values of PIH in a critical way. We also hope to address the absence of young voices in the space of global health dialogue.

Academic-focused in nature, we seek to publish our thoughts and reflections on historical and contemporary global health topics. Some of our projects include: monthly blog posts on the PIHC website, commentary submissions to journals (e.g. Health & Human Rights Journal and Lancet Global Health Blogs), and poster/presentation abstract submissions to global health related conferences.

The link between all of our projects is that our opinionsare deeply rooted in the PIH model, a biosocial approach to medicine, and the mindset of “health as a human right”. We are currently composed of 10 highly motivated individuals who are excited to be the inaugural committee members, but we are always open to meeting more! If you are interested in learning more about the work of the PIHC WG-ES, and/or are interested in becoming involved, feel free to contact Raksha Sule, at sule.raksha@gmail.com.

If you’d like to hear more about the aims of Fundraising or Engagement sub-groups, please send an email to pihcanada@pih.org indicating your interest. 

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